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American Idiot

Ann Coulter gets the smackdown. You're watching haaaaaardball.



The great thing about Ann Coulter is that she is the face of today's conservative movement and she is also a complete asshole. I think a lot of folks who aren't particularly married to either major political party look at Coulter and think, "I don't want anything to do with people like her." While she has her core supporters, the general public is turned off. She is doing more for the Democrats than she could ever imagine. Apparently, the Edwards campaign is experiencing a bit of a "Coulter bump."

Ann Coulter is poison in human form. She acts like a petulant teenager in this clip (yes, I like the word petulant, especially in describing Republicans). She needs to start eating more - or drinking more blood, which I believe is her food of choice.

I hate the fact that she generates as much press as she does. It just makes her richer, you know. If it were up to me, I would smite her very existence from the record of humanity.

In fact, a few years ago on the GLONO boards, I actually employed a script that made it so whenever anybody typed her name it got changed to "Michael Bolton." Funny for me, but confusing for the poor readers.

I would be very pleased if I never heard her name again.

I agree with you, in theory, Jake. But she is doing some work for our side by simply being such a stupid arrogant bitch.

The term "Coulter dollars" is no joke. It's cause and affect. You gotta like that.

But, personally, if she were to vanish off the face of the earth today - I wouldn't feel a damn thing.

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