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Bush at G-8: no on climate change, more missles in Europe

Six years into his presidency, Bush continues to prove he has no idea how to run an effective foriegn policy shop. Leaving his greatest blunder - Iraq - aside, let's look at his approach to global warming and missle defense at the G-8 summit going on right now.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has proposed a fairly agressive plan to address global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. That, of course, made the Bushies wet their pants and get all apoplectic about how that approach was dead on arrival. Most of the other G-8 countries, though, are backing Merkel's plan. Knowing they are alone in the world on this, the Bush administration thought it was best to roll out their own Trojan horse of a plan, which basically amounts to more delay and then a "do whatever you think is appropriate" approach with no binding goals. What dirtbags.

Then there's the obtuse plan to install missle defense systems in Poland and the Czech Republic. Which the Russians view as a threat directed at them, even though the Bushies say it's to stop nukes from Iran. Like everything else related to missle defense, that's a stupid idea. Not to mention, unproven. So it has really pissed off the Russians, and now they're threatening to re-target European sites with their existing nuclear arsenal, if the plan goes through. There's lukewarm support for the plan in Europe, but it's the reality-challenged Bush administration who is really pushing for it. I guess they miss the cold war, and feel their "war on terrorism" is not providing them with enough opportunities to fubar the world.

And it's not just people like me saying this. Tammy Bruce, a conservative Fox News analyst I've never heard of before, lays into Bush on the missle issue in the following clip. Tammy says "It is another glaring example of the growing incompetency of the Bush administration and his foriegn policy." Watch:

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