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Bush Riles the Christian Right with SG Nominee

With approval rating stuck in the mid-30s for months now, what is a lame duck president to do? How can he galvanize what little base he has left? One way is to make them feel as though they're under attack. Enter: James W. Holsinger.

President Bush has nominated Holsinger to be the Surgeon General of the United States. Helisnger has a long anti-gay history and even founded a ministry to help "cure" homosexuals of their dirty ways.

This is sure to meet stiff resistance when Holsinger comes up for confirmation, which will surely raise the dander of socially conservative Christians, who inexplicably buy in the Republican party year after year with no return on their investment.

Hell hath no fury like bored fundies hell-bent on martyrdom...



Great. Let me guess, this guy performs faith-based surgery. Actually, the nomination makes perfect sense, everything the Bushies have done has been based on faith, fantasy, or assumptions.

I can't imagine any Christian fundamentalists read this site, but if some were to stumble across this post, please note: Karl Rove thinks you're an idiot.

This is such an obvious ploy to engage "the base" by putting forward a candidate who is clearly going to meet resistence in confrimation hearings.

The Democrats should ignore this shit and confirm him as quickly as possible. I mean, he'd be the Surgeon General in the waning days of an already crippled presidency. Who fucking cares?

You said "stiff". Funny.

How much longer are people, with an I.Q. over 100, going to buy into this shit? These assholes are going back, time-and-time again, to the gay thing? WTF?! This is a terrorist activity? Is blowing someone or getting blown a known terrorist activity? Well, then, I guess I should just be in gitmo. But I'm a girl, so I guess it's ok.

Every time I think I can't get more angry, Bush proves me wrong. Hatred as an agenda is just so petty, so ugly and so divisive. But perhaps that's the point. If we keep our eye on the ball (as it were), we might see through this huge pile of steaming crap they call politics.

I wish all gay people would stand up and object to this confirmation. And for that matter, all christian people who do not believe that gays deserve to die in hell. And all of us others who object to the idea of hatred as policy.

Oh, and by the way, George Bush can blow me.

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