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Chicago considers "congestion fee"?

Also on Wednesday, a Chicago alderman - Edward Burke - introduced a resolution that calls for hearings on the concept of a "congestion fee". The idea is to charge a fee to drivers in downtown Chicago. Said Burke:

Can it reduce pollution? Can it reduce traffic? Can it raise a revenue stream to help out the beleaguered CTA? It's certainly a very complicated issue and one that should not be rushed into. But I thought that as long as London is doing it, as long as New York is [proposing] it, perhaps it is an idea that Chicago ought to consider.

Mayor Daley hasn't come out against, nor is he actively supporting it. He is calling for careful consideration of the idea, though.



They ought to charge $50 per day to ride on the Dan Ryan, the Skyway, 90, 94, 294 and 55.

Why would someone live in Elgin and drive their car to The Loop to work every day?

Sorry, jack-holes, but I ain't got no sympathy. Pay up and shut up.

Same reason people live in Kentwood and work in Downtown GR...

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