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Dan Bartlett Resigns - Now Serving Duck

The true sign of lameness in a Presidency is when, as the end of his term in office is coming to a close, key officials and aides start to resign in order to "enter private business" or "spend more time with family." Why not see it through to the end? Money. A former White House staffer or cabinet member is much more valuable to a lobbying firm or government contractor if that person still has contacts within the Executive branch. It's old fashioned palm greasing.

With today's announcement that Dan Bartlett is resigning effective July 1, I think we can safely declare this president lame.



I'm always happy to see another Bush admin official head for the door. It usually means they're going to be investigated or indicted for something soon. Bartlett was with the President for 14 years, and I guess the $165,000+ he makes as a top advisor to the president wasn't enough anymore, and he wants to get out while the gettin' is good - he'll probably double his White House salary when he whores himself out to a government lobbying or contracting firm.

When will Bush realize that he can make a lot more money if he just quit? There's gotta be a token spot for him on some board of directors somewhere...

Finally. It's been a while since we got the last big one (Rumsfeld). I can only hope that Gonzalez is to follow soon. Still, sure was great to see http://thenewsroom.com/details/360669/Politics?c_id=tvo
on the computer screen this morning.

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