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Dick Cheney kills 77,000 salmon

The final piece in the Washington Post's four part series on Cheney came out today. It is, in some ways, the most damning of the four. But maybe that's just my perspective.

As the other pieces did, this one chronicles a vice president who inserts himself and his office where he wants to, regardless of any legal authority or precedents that indicate he should not. And of course, it's all mostly behind the scene. This article focuses on the vice president's role in many of the most disasterous attempts by the Bush administration to hand over environmental policy to industry, to the determent of the public interest. And his meddling led to the resignation of Christine Whitman as the head of the EPA. Of course, she said it was to spend more time with her family; but it was actually because of Dick Cheney. It's too bad she didn't tell the truth when she resigned; it could have made a difference in public opinion of the Bush administration at that time.

So all of Washington has probably read this series. In an appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night, for example, Representative Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) referenced the series. Will anything come of this series, besides me putting an "Impeach Bush/Cheney" sign in my front yard? Maybe some more representatives will sign on to Dennis Kucinich's Cheney impeachment measure.


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