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Giuliani S.C. Campaign chair indicted on cocaine charges

As George Bush might say, politics is hard work. So it's no wonder that South Carolina State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel appears to have a serious cocaine problem. He has been accused of "buying less than 500 grams of the drug to share with other people in late 2005" and has been charged with intent to distribute it. I imagine he only did it because, well, politics is hardwork, and sometimes you need, you know, a "pick-me-up." He was just looking out for his friends!

Ravenel was indicted on Tuesday. Needless to say, he has been forced to step down as the South Carolina Treasurer and as the South Carolina campaign chairman for the Giuliani campaign. Giuliani has always been tough on crime, particularly drug crimes, so he is sure to call for the maximum penalty for his old S.C. chairman. Right?



..but you can’t hide.

If Ravenel is convicted of distribution of cocaine, he can serve as much as 20 years in prison. I would say that it is more likely that he will cut a “plea deal” to serve a short amount of time behind bars along with probation.

If Ravenel cuts a “plea deal”, in other words, “pleads guilty” then the Feds should insist that he roll over on a “Bigger Fish” If he does not roll over, then he should do some serious jail time with the rest of the “Cocaine Distributors”.

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