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House passes gun control measure

On Wednesday, the House voted to pass a bill that will provide grant money to states to update the national database that gun dealers use for background checks. If the Senate follows suit - and they are likely to do so - this will be the first gun control measure passed since 1996. The White House has signaled that the president will likely sign it, though he has "concerns" about where the funding will come from. Right. Like any American is going to believe that. He certainly hasn't worried about where funding for his war is coming from...

There are an average of 80 gun deaths a day in the United States. Almost half of those are suicides by adult white males, with legally purchased weapons. This measure will make it easier to identify would-be gun purchasers who have been institutionalized or otherwise determined to be mentally unfit. Maybe, in the long run, this will help make a dent in those daily gun death numbers.

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