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Libby deserves to serve

General Pace doesn't think Scooter Libby should do time for his crimes. So do some other conservative apologists. But if you take a look at the editorial pages around the country, they disagree. Mr. Libby should do his time. That's what the LA Times says:

A pardon would be bad politics, deep injustice and an insult to the nation. Libby was convicted of a serious crime and sentenced in accordance with federal guidelines. President Bush has no legitimate reason to disturb that sentence ... As a high government official, he lied to agents of that government; he did so to foil a prosecution. As he well knew, that was a crime, and one for which he deserves to go to prison.

The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and the San Francisco Chronicle feel the same. And of course, Libby doesn't meet at least two of the criteria for a pardon - he hasn't served any time - yet - and he hasn't expressed remorse for his crime.



I just hope he serves as much time as Paris Hilton.

Four days? The only thing that spoils quicker is chicken. Or fresh meat... or some prison expression.

These people need to get sent to OZ. Really.

Am I the only one who thinks this? Hello?

Looks like the judge agreed with you, bryan. Paris is back off to jail.

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