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Pelosi pushes for cap and trade bill in 2007

After returning from a congressional trip to see the icesheets of Greenland, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi pledged to get a cap and trade bill through the House before the end of 2007. She was skeptical of the president's announcement on global warming, and said it wasn't enough anyway:

The president continues to be in denial ... He says now he believes that global warming is happening, and he accepts the science that it is. But if that were so, if he truly understood that, he could not have come up with a proposal that is aspirational. He would have to come up with a commitment that is real.

In the Senate, the chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee - Barbara Boxer (D-CA) - is going to introduce similar legislation. The Congress will have to get veto proof majorities, but there will probably be enough Republicans who believe in science and consequences to make that possible.

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