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Peter Pace Gets All Touchy Feely on Iraq

Send in the calvary!
Rule number one in project management is to identify measurable goals. You know, things you can see and track. Results! Without them you wander around forever guessing as to whether you're succeeding and making up strategies without knowing their effectiveness.

It's no wonder then that the war in Iraq is fucked. During a press conference last week, outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Peter Pace said that we should be measuring success in Iraq by how the Iraqi people feel and not on the level of violence in that region.

"What's most important is do the Iraqi people feel better about today than they did about yesterday, and do they think tomorrow's going to be better than today?" When asked if he actually knew how the Iraqi people currently feel about the U.S. occupation of Iraq he conceded, "I do not have that in my head."

So, if anyone can devise a way to measure feelings, I will pay them with 100 pounds of unicorn feathers and a bowl of sunshine.

Who is this boob?

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What a disaster this guy has been as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. I'm glad to see him go.

Phil, I'm not confident I can come up with a way to measure feelings, but I'm in desperate need of some unicorn feathers. Any other way I can get my hands on those?

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