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Rudy Playing to the Dummies

Among the many, many troubling habits in the Bush administration's culture of mediocrity is its preference to employ less than the best and brightest among us. I don't know if it's a product of our C student CEO-in-Chief, or what, but from Michael Brown to Alberto Gonzales, this White House seems to seek out those who have only the minimum requirements for the job at hand.

Regent University's influence over the administration is a case in point. For a school that ranks as a tier 4 (the lowest) facility and is tied at 136 in national rankings, it has an amazing pull with the Bush administration, who employed no fewer than 150 Regent graduates. Why? I am guessing it's because Regent was founded by Pat Robertson and is a constant and vocal proponent for Bush policy. Remember, loyalty is valued above all else (including ability and judgement) by George W. Bush.

And so it's a bit troubling to see Rudy Giuliani courting that same gang of half-wits. The former NYC mayor and current Republican presidential candidate said in an address today:

"The number of graduates that you have and the amount of influence that you have is really, really terrific."

Yeah, just terrific.

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