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Use Rove's evil genius for... good?

Dare I say it? Could the Rovian grab bag of deceits, tricks, and spins be used to help America rather than destroy it? If op-ed columnist David McGrath, writing in the Daily Southtown, could have his way, the answer is yes. In an op-ed piece, McGrath suggests that we use Rove's tremendous spin skills to dissuade Islamic terrorists from more attacks. From the article:

I'm talking about a modern, full saturation campaign of advertising, headed up by our government's supreme opinion manipulator, Karl Rove. With full access and a fraction of the war budget, let him convince practitioners of Islam that suicide bombing is less an express ticket to heaven and the waiting arms of 30 virgins than it is a fool's paradise to which a handful of wealthy, hypocritical Imams have been sending young men -- not just to annoy the West, but to consolidate power, manipulate their own people, and keep them obedient and poor, while, they, the religious leaders, secretly enjoy the sweet life.

That's funny... And a lot cheaper - in blood and treasure - than the military and political disaster that has been unfolding in Iraq for the past 4 years. McGrath highlights some of Rove's well-documented campaign tricks as part of his case. Thanks to Raw Story for flagging this one.



He'd be better at convincing insurgents that their leaders are draft dodging, whore mongering, homo loving, pansies. Nevermind that he has no evidence to rpove it, he can start a whisper campaign about bin Laden's "mysterious love child" who just happens to look A LOT like Ariel Sharon. I'm not saying anything, I'm just saying it's interesting...

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