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Whitman: Another lying Republican

In the final Washington Post expose on Cheney, we learned that Christine Todd Whitman, Bush's first EPA administrator, was lying when she said she was resigning to spend more time with her family. It turns out, it was because of "Cheney's insistence on easing air pollution controls."

In itself, the resignation was admirable. And as Governor of New Jersey, she made real progress in improving the state's environmental health. But a lie is a lie, and in this case, she was lying to the American people. We had a right to know that the Vice-President was driving Bush environmental policy in the exact opposite direction that, polling tells us, the American people wanted to go. She should have told us, especially if she felt it was worth resigning over.

Well, it turns out this wasn't the first doozy of a lie from Whitman. Which just proves my theory that Republicans can't be trusted. Or is it that Germans love David Hasselhof? I forget... In any event, here's a clip from the Daily Show that shows Whitman lying, again. This time, it was in front of a Congressional committee, and about a serious public health issue:

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