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Ann and Duncan, BFF

We at POLJUNK have been saying for some time now that the true voice and face of the new conservative movement is best represented by hate mongers like Ann Coulter. She's not a radical firebrand within the movement, but the standard. She personifies the twisted, mangled hybrid of what used to be a movement that prided itself on rational argument and civility. But it is now a shrill and vindictive pathology that is fueled by anger and distortion. Ann Coulter is their gal.

It seems Duncan Hunter agrees. Hunter, the California Republican Representative running for President on the "Who the Fuck if Duncan Hunter" platform, defended Coulter on Hardball this week. Hunter loves Coulter so much that he's designated her an almost Great American, which is an odd title, but who am I to question?

So why does everyone else hate her? It's a liberal conspiracy, of course.

Duncan sobbed, "when conservatives talk, they are considered to talk in a mean way, and yet when Democrats talk, they're exercising their right to free speech and they're simply conveying a philosophy."

Yes, mocking the dead son of John and Elizabeth Edwards is simply conveying a philosophy. Berating a group of 9-11 widows who dared to question the President of the United States as "shrews" and "Harpies" who revel in the deaths of their husbands is Ann Coulter engaging in reasoned debate.

For any reasonable old skool conservatives out there, I hope you'll recognize how your movement has been hijacked and reject people who think your more progressive minded sons, daughters, husband, wives, parents and friends are un-American traitors with mental defects that should be imprisoned, or better yet shot, for differing views. Or is that your idea of a Great American?



Every time AC opens her mouth, a thousand people leave the Republican party. These folks may not be ready to join the Democrats, but decent citizens are really put off by representatives of the Right who have nothing to add to the greater discourse than simple meanness. As the public face of the modern conservative movement, she's doing liberals and others a huge favor.

Every time AC opens her mouth, a thousand people leave the Republican party.

Isn't it pretty to think so? But I doubt it. For every 1000 decent citizens turned off by her, there are an equal number of drooling pigfuckers cheering her on.

And when push comes to shove (like in the 2004 elections), even decent citizens fall into the obvious, hateful traps of evil wizards like Karl Rove.

Her comments have no effect on elections. They just add to the increasing polarization of this country. We continue to be shocked and appalled by her, right-wingers continue to champion her freedom of speech, and Bill Maher continues to flirt with her. Status fucking quo.

It all just makes everybody more cynical and hateful. Makes me tune out and require a Cute Overload refresher: http://cuteoverload.com/

Actuially, as the Republicans drift further and further to the Right, I think a lot of people are just throwing their hands up in disgust. For traditional conservatives, their politics haven't really changed, but the Republican Party sure has. I mean if human decency is at the heart of one's core values, then one has to be disgusted with this new brand of Republican.

Just ask Michael Bloomberg or anyone in Barry Goldwater's family.

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