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Bush Stays the Course, Terror Warnings Up

More fun with headlines...

You know, I want to believe our President is above cheap scare tactics. Yes, I've seen all the articles pointing out how the threat level rose and fell with political bad news or in conjunction with the 2004 presidential election cycle, but I really want to believe that it's all in the minds of conspiracy theorists and pathological Bush haters.

And then there's this:

Bush says no Iraq shift; criticism rises
Officials worry of summer terror attack

Both headlines appeared within pixels of each other on Yahoo News and other major online news outlets. Tell me that's a coincidence.



Georgia representative Phil Gingrey referrs to the Republican Super-Secret August Plan on Hardball in April, and Stephen Colbert ran a bit on this as well. I wonder if this is part of that plan...

Terror warnings are up, therefore, we need to stay the course! Now, everybody, please walk away and go back to being good little consumers.

So Chertoff has a "gut feeling"? I wonder if this is the same gut that didn't anticipate the disaster that was Katrina.

I feel they just want us running around like good little chickens screaming that the sky falling. If we're too busy being scared... perhaps we won't notice what a lying, thieving bunch of flag-waving, obfuscating assholes they really are.

Either way - terrorism or this administration, we're screwed. Which is worse?

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