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David Halberstam gets the last word on Bush

David Halberstam, a pulitzer prize winning journalist, was killed in a car accident in late April. Vanity Fair has published his last piece, and it is a withering indictment of George Bush and his war in Iraq. He mocks Bush and his advisors for trying to draw a comparison between Bush and Harry Truman, between Iraq and Korea. And he does not have kind things to say about Bush's handling of Iraq:

It was the president, not the military or the public, who wanted the Iraq war, and Bush used the extra leverage granted him by 9/11 to get it. His people skillfully manipulated the intelligence in order to make the war seem necessary, and they snookered the military on force levels and the American public on the cost of it all. The key operative in all this was clearly Vice President Cheney, supremely arrogant, the most skilled of bureaucrats, seemingly the toughest tough guy of them all, but eventually revealed as a man who knew nothing of the country he wanted to invade and what that invasion might provoke.
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