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Expect "disastrous flooding" in the Northeast

Those dirty, stinky hippies at the Union of Concerned Scientists are at it again. Scaring Americans with their "doom and gloom" outlook on the future. But as James Brown once said "reality don't ever lie." And typically, scientists don't lie. Unless they work for the Bush administration.

The union has completed a two year study of the impact of global warming, if emissions stay at current levels, on the Northeast. According to the study, cities like Boston and New York will be subject to regular, disastrous flooding. Spruce and Hemlock forests will all but disappear, as will the Baltimore Oriole. Sounds biblical to me. From a Washington Post article on the study:

[O]verall, he said, the effect would be overwhelmingly disruptive and costly. Even under the best-case emission-lowering scenario, global warming would cause unprecedented damage to the coastline and would result in enormous expenditures to maintain and replace roads and other infrastructure. In a worst-case scenario, apple orchards would wither, and lobstermen south of Maine and cod fishermen plying the Georges Bank would lose their livelihoods ... Because of the rising temperatures, the Northeast would be susceptible to longer and more severe droughts because of the increased evaporation of rainfall.
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