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I Want to Sex You Up

We need a distraction. It would be good for the country to take our minds off the diabolical acts of the Bush administration and the exhausting depression of Iraq. What DC needs right now is a good sex scandal and it looks like we're about to get it.

Alleged "DC Madame" Deborah Jeane Palfrey can do whatever she wants with her extensive client list, according to a federal judge. And what Palfrey wants to do is release it to "responsible journalists, bloggers and private eyes who won't post them online." That statement alone is worth the price of admission for this show.

I have a feeling a lot of politicians from both parties are sweating bullets right now and out shopping for tennis bracelets. Palfrey, on the other hand, seems nonplussed.

"It is my patriotic duty to release these records," she told the New York Daily News.

We couldn't agree more.



I'd practically forgotten about this... great to hear we'll be learning more soon. I'm pretty sure that the Dark Lord himself, Dick Cheney, isn't on the list. Why? Because if he was, we never would have heard about the DC madam and her list. She'd probably be stuck in Guantanamo or somewhere else as an "enemey combatant". With no right to appeal her detainment to a judge.

Hmmm. Lord Dark One, in a leather-lined closet, in a diaper, with a dildo?

Word on the street is that Cheney's into enema combatants, if you catch my drift...

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