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Libby Loses Again and Cons Ask for Anarchy

An appeals court rejected Scooter Libby's request for bail while he's appealing his conviction, which is sure to renew calls form the Right for a presidential pardon. The most common argument they make as a basis for pardoning Libby is that there was "no underlying crime," or in other words: Plam's outing was legal and fair play, so who cares if he broke the law and lied about his discussions with reporters in an attempt to politically protect his boss?

There's a simple question these normally Law & Order-type people seem to avoid though: Is it legal to lie to the FBI, Congress, prosecutors, juries, and judges? The law seems pretty clear on this and one would think that a guilty verdict from a jury of his peers and a denial for bail from a Republican dominated appeals court would be sufficient to answer the question, but I guess not.

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