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McCain Angles for Comeback Kid Status

I sometimes have sympathy for beat reporters. In this hyper-critical 24-hour news cycle, it can't be easy covering the Ground Hog Day mendacity of a presidential campaign and still post anything—ANYTHING—newsworthy. That said, this shit is bananas.

Just days after John McCain was declared DOA when his campaign started to hemmorage talent, he's now, suddenly and inexplicably, the Comeback Kid. What? It wasn't so long ago that the "maverick" Senator was the presumed establishment shoe-in and now he's gaining from the back of the pack? I don't think so.

To her credit, reporter Holly Bailey acknowledges the McCain staff's attempt (several times over now) to remake their candidate's image, but to even suggest that he's on some sort of comeback when he's trailing in fundraising, failing to draw crowds, polling in the shitter, and apparently confused as to where he stands with the religious right (here's a hint, Mac: they helped smear you in the Carolinas six years ago), is grasping at straws like a drunk with a Hurricane.

I do love that Bailey's description of a recent campaign stop in New Hampshire was scored by Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" as if to imply McCain's campaign is cruising to the same black screen that closed out Tony Soprano's career. Hold on to that feeling...

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