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Obama A Uniter, Not A Divider

Going to the heart of Hillary Clinton's weakness as a candidate, Barack Obama said that the most important thing the next President can bring is the ability to unite this deeply, deeply divided country.

"The reason that this president has failed to lead this country is because he hasn't been able to unite our country. He's polarized us when he should have pulled us together," Obama said in a speech to the College Democrats of America convention at the University of South Carolina. "That's why the experience we need in the next president is the ability to bring this country together.

"It's not enough to just change parties," Obama said.

Despite leading Obama by double digits in polls among Democrats, Hillary Clinton continues to track disturbingly strong negative ratings in polls nationally.

Looking to further establish himself as the "change candidate," Obama has taken to calling Clinton's policies on foreign relations "Bush-Cheney Lite," which sounds to me like the nastiest beer in America.

"We have to ask what's ever happened to the politics of hope," quipped Clinton, but I don't think Obama's promise to change the tenor of national politics means he can't fight hard. He hasn't brought up Bill Clinton's personal foibles, which you KNOW a Republican opponent will bang like a gong in a national campaign. Nor has he resulted to petty name calling or questioning one's sanity or patriotism. All-in-all, this is pretty tame but Team Clinton has to find SOMETHING that will stick on Obama.



Bush-Cheney Lite. It's free today, but your grandchildren will be paying for it. Watch out though because when you drink it, you act like a retarded bully, and everybody in the world is going to hate your guts.

Bush-Cheney Lite: Tastes like freedom, but less filling.

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