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Our 666th post, Dick Cheney, and impeachment

"Get thee behind me, beef!" was the 666th post on POLJUNK, and since 666 is the number of the beast, I thought it appropriate to highlight some news about Dick Cheney, who is, according to some reports, Satan's lead man on the terrestrial plane of existence.

In a 6 to 1 vote earlier this week, the Telluride city council passed an ordinance that calls for the impeachment of President Bush and Vice-President Cheney. According to this Telluride Daily Planet article, the ordinance states that "Bush and Cheney violated the public trust and knowingly harmed the United States and Colorado." Indeed.

So watch out, America! Now that Telluride is on board with impeachment, there's no stopping it... Seriously, though, I'd love to see these guys impeached - Cheney in particular. So would Bruce Fein. And unlike me, he's no liberal nutjob. Just your mild mannered conservative constitutional scholar. Who wrote the first article of impeachment against Bill Clinton.

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