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Tell BP: Don't Pollute Lake Michigan!

Take Action: Tell BP: No More Dumping in the Great Lakes

British Petroleum is planning for a 54 percent increase in ammonia and a 35 percent increase in solid waste containing dangerous heavy metals to be dumped into Lake Michigan. Email BP CEO Bob Malone today and urge him to stop BP's plans to pollute Lake Michigan.

BP tries to pretend it's all environmentally friendly with their new commercials touting their commitment to cleaner fuel. But it's all bullshit.

Gary, Indiana already dumps too much toxic shit into Lake Michigan. Now they want to dump more.

Just say no.



If zero tolerance makes sense anywhere, it's here. There should be zero tolerance for dumping waste products - of any kind - in the Great Lakes.

I guess my question is this: what do they do with this shit anyway? Is there a "safe" way of disposing the after-products? If you put it into a landfill, it pollutes the ground water, which in turn, just gets into the lakes anyhow.

The oil companies are using outdated, unclean equipment for their production. They aren't told to clean up their act or change their policies.

Somtimes I think it's going to take something truly horrific - think Chernobyl or Bhopal - in order to get these companies to do something. If the fat cats that make the rules are threatened... well then, different story.

But for now you can sign all the petitions you want and it's less then a spit in the ocean.

These men are pure evil. And if you think differently, I've got a lake I wanna sell you.

Just sayin'...

These bastards don't care about anything but money. They tell any tale they can to sell out anything or anybody and we are loosing big time with BP's recklessness! They use dealers of there products until they go broke and find another sucker to take their place and do it again. BP SUCKS !

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