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The Presidential Prayer Team for Kids Runs Out

Now here's a fascinating message I just received from the Presidential Prayer Team (For Kids)—Yes, there really is such a thing. I bolded the points of particular interest to me with comments in italics:

Special Notice from the Editor of The Presidential Prayer Team for Kids.

It's summer, and lots of things slow down a bit during this season!

Unfortunately, donations to The Presidential Prayer Team, our parent organization, have been drastically down in recent weeks. This has created a very troubling shortage of funds for PPT and PPT for Kids. This shortage is causing us to make some cutbacks in our staff which will affect PPK!

Is this another example of the fast dwindling influence of the religious right in this country? Or are they just as cheap as the rest of us and saving their tithings for an iPhone?

So, for now, we won't be writing, developing or sending any new PPK updates.

Wow, donations must be really down. Or somebody was not so fiscally conservative when buying the PPT Christmas gifts this year. No, there were NO "holiday" gifts for you Jesus haters.

We ask you from the bottom or our hearts to pray with us that many Americans will remember again the importance of a team that prays for the President, regardless of his or her popularity or political affiliation.

Oh man, event the holy rollers are feeling it. When they have to beg their readership to please, please like the President, you know there's som deep trouble out there.

Pray with us that our financial needs will be met so The Presidential Prayer Team for Kids can continue its important mission of encouraging kids to pray and teaching them about prayer and the godly heritage of our nation.

While even I won't deny the roll religion played in the lives of our founding fathers, they also understood that our Republic was bigger than they and was dependent on a separation of church and state, which was a given even among social conservatives in this country until 20 years ago or so. God has a place in this country: your homes and churches.


Meagan Gillan

Editor, The Presidential Prayer Team and The Presidential Prayer Team for Kids

Godspeed, Meagan. We hardly knew ye!

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