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Those fundraising numbers...

Second quarter fundraising is officially behind us now, and all the major candidates have announced their fundraising numbers. Looking at the top 3 campaigners in each party tells an interesting story. On the Republican side, Giuliani came out on top with $17 million, followed by Romney at $14 million, and with McCain pulling up the rear at a paltry $2 million. I almost feel bad for McCain, that's so embarrassing. In the first quarter they each raked in, respectively, $16.1, $20.5, and $13.7 million. So for the three leading Republicans, a total of about $50 million in the first quarter, and $33 million in the second.

Not bad, really. Unless you compare it to the three leading Democratic contenders.


Republicans have traditionally been the best fundraisers - they are the party of the wealthy, after all. But Clinton, Obama, and Edwards have collectively and individually trounced them this time around. That's a good sign for the 2008 elections. An early sign, but a good sign.

On the Democratic side, Obama led in fundraising with $32.5 million. He pulled in $25.7 in the first quarter, so that puts him at $58.2 million in total. Not shabby. Clinton followed with $27 million, and Edwards came in respectably at $9 million. All told, the Democrats raised $68.5 million this quarter. Add that to the $66 million they raised collectively in the first quarter, and the Dems are just stomping the Republicans in fundraising overall - $134 million vs. $83 million, among the candidates mentioned here. What would be interesting is to compare the total number of donors. I wonder how close Obama's 250,000+ donors gets to the combined donors of the top 3 Republicans.

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