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Uganda to outlaw plastic bags

As several other East African countries have already done, the Ugandan government is passing a law to outlaw the use, manufacture, and importation of plastic bags. They will join Rwanda in banning plastic bags (those thinner than 30 microns), and both Kenya and Tanzania are working on similar legislation.

The United States - and every other industrialized country in the world, for that matter - should follow suit.



I've asked this before and still have not received an answer: what the fuck are people supposed to pick up their dogshit with?

There's got to be something that could replace petroleum-based plastic bags for picking up poop. Some sort of biodegradable plastic maybe? Or maybe it's a whole different approach. Someone will figure it out, and make a lot of money doing it.

So, nobody remembers the Poop Scooper (TM)?

there are alternatives. as derek mentioned, there are scoops that you can use to pick up your pet's waste. though, i'm sure a lot of folks in the city can't imagine themselves walking around their hood with a pooper scooper. i know i can't . then there's also biodegradable waste bags like scooper and biobags. they tout an ability to degrade up to 99%.

the problem is price and convenience. plastic bags are free and readily available. biodegradable pet waste bags are priced at $5 for 50 bags to $200 for 1,000 bags. sure, taht's only 5 - 10 cents depending on volume, but that's sure a hell of a lot more than free.

i'm all for doing away with plastic bags. though, i would really like to see it happen at the corporate level. once the option is gone, pet owners will be forced to look for alternative means to dispose waste. in the meantime, it looks like i'll keep mummifying my dog's poop.

I have started bringing my own bags to Jewel when I shop because the baggers there seem to think each item I purchase needs to be bagged individually. Now, my black lab Chase poops a lot but I doubt that in a year I'd ever get through all the fucking Jewel bags I had saved up from one month.

We could do away with platic bags and introduce plastic dogs.

In terms of plastic bags and dog poop, what you guys are describing is primarily an issue in big cities, isn't it? When I was a kid, my parents just let the dogs do their thing in the backyard, and every weekend I'd "make the rounds" and scoop up all the poop.

So let me throw out an idea to all you Chicagoans... What if the city of Chicago did something that enabled you to stop bagging your poop? Instead, as a pet owner, you could pay a small yearly fee, and use City of Chicago "poop stations", as well as your City of Chicago pooper scoopers, to dispose of pet waste while you're walking Rover? Then, maybe the city could compost that stuff with other materials, and make a nice, rich soil compost that gets sold back to gardeners. Then you hae a virtuous poop cycle. Kind of crazy, I know, but... maybe crazy like a fox?

Sure, but I am afraid it would turn out as great as the Blue Bag program where I sorted my bottles and cans into bright blue bags just to see the city workers throw it all back together at the sorting facility. Lazy fuckers.

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