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VA Secretary resigns: Another Bushie bites the dust

Secretary of Veteran Affairs Jim Nichols tendered his resignation today. Nicholson had been the VA head since February 2005. If the disaster at Walter Reed was any indication, he was terrible at his job, so good riddance.

Of course, this is just another example of Bush cronyism gone bad. While he did serve in the Army during Vietnam, Nicholson had no other qualifications that would make him a good pick to head Veteran Affairs. Prior to being appointed the ambassador to the Vatican (his gig before VA secretary), Nicholson was a major player at the RNC for about 7 years, and a lawyer and real estate developer before that.

Again, nothing in his background that would lead one to say "you know who would be awesome over at Veteran Affairs? Good ole Jimmy Nicholson." Except that he raised lots of cash for Bush and fellow Republicans.

Buh-bye, Mr. Secretary.



This guy was brought in to replace the real villian, Anthony Principi, head from 2001-2005. His neglect of his duties led to these conditions. His bio is at http://www.whitehouse.gov/government/principi-bio.html

I almost feel bad for these people who came in for Bush's second term and found such a stinking shithole. I'm sure none of them imagined that it could be this bad. I did say alomst, though. These are the kind of things that make good people leave government, so that all that's left are power-mongers and idealogues.

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