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White House caves to lobbyists on wetlands

"Cave" is probably too strong a word when describing actions the White House takes that benefit the few and do significant damage to the public interest. That's just how this White House works - damn the public good, let's get rich. Or at least, get richer.

Last year, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling on the Clean Water Act and wetlands protection. The ruling said the federal government had a responsibility to protect not only U.S. navigable waters, but also any waterway that may feed U.S. navigable waters. Based on that ruling, the federal government put together sweeping guidelines that would significantly increase the number of waterways, streams, and wetlands under federal protection. A great thing for future generations of Americans.

That was last fall. Since then, lobbyists for property developers, cattle ranchers, and other private corporate interests asked their friends in the White House to water down those guidelines, which they did. So again we see a White House governing in a way that favors a small group of special interests and moves directly against the public interest. Isn't that what the constitution was supposed to protect us against? The unreasonable influence of factions on public policy? Oh, well. These are the Bush years.

A funny thing about the way this article ends. This is from the second to last paragraph:

The process took months, the official said, because of the complexity and the large number of agencies and interests involved. He also said there was no significant intervention by Vice President Dick Cheney or any cabinet officer.

No mention of intervention by Bush - because, really, we all know he can't handle details - but specific mention that the Dark Lord, Dick Cheney, was not involved. Which, of course, makes me think he was involved, especially based on the web of intrigue and influence we know the Veep has spun, based on the Washington Post expose on him. What a dick that guy is.

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