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BP pledges not to increase dumping in Lake Michigan

Here's something to celebrate. From a Chicago Tribune article:

Responding to a month of unrelenting criticism from politicians and the public, BP pledged it will not invoke provisions of a new permit that allows the largest oil refinery in the Midwest to release significantly more ammonia and suspended solids into the lake.

But it's not all roses and peppermints, either:

Neither BP nor Indiana officials would commit Thursday to adjusting the permit to legally lower the acceptable amount of ammonia and suspended solids released into the lake. Both the company and the state also said there will be no changes to another provision in the permit that exempts BP from tough limits on mercury pollution until 2012.

How could the people who run the state of Indiana be so obtuse? Why do the executives of BP America carry more weight with them than the people of their state, as well as the people of other states around them that border Lake Michigan?

Kudos to our fearless leader, Jake Brown, for highlighting this issue in the first place.

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