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Defending Padilla = Defending the Constitution

If Andrew Sullivan were to start a cult today I might join. Here goes my favortite conservative explaining why we should all, as good Americans, be outraged at Jose Padilla's treatment leading to his conviction this week of watered down terrorism charges. No, it's not being weak on terrorism, it's being a strong defender of our Constitution:

Defending Padilla's rights as an American citizen to a fair trial is not the same as believing that terrorist plotters and cells should not be aggressively investigated and followed. It isn't to say that we don't have a legitimate interest that terrorists captured in a genuine battlefield in a foreign land be taken hors de combat. It is to say that if the war is to be conducted against American citizens and anywhere in the world, then such citizens must retain the protection of the Constitution and habeas corpus. It is to say that prisoners of war should be treated in accord with the Geneva Conventions.

To think that you have to even remind people that we ALL have unalienable rights in this country is a tragic statement on the state of our nation.



What is a terrorist but that which is effectivly ressistant torwards ogliarchy?
What is a patriot but that which supports it.
Do not be illusioned as to where you stand.

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