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How not gay is Senator Craig? Very not gay...

Here's your Friday video fun. Puppets helping Senator Craig demonstrate his position on not being gay now, in the past, or in the future. He is so not gay! Leave him alone, people!



Here's a great, funny article from Salon by James Hannaham: Why bathroom sex is hot.

I can't believe none of my gay friends ever told me about the foot-tapping thing! I hereby apologize to all the dudes I've accidentally led on! I'm not really a prick-tease, I've just got Restless Leg Syndrome.

Here's the transcript of the interview with the cop he was hitting on. MP3, too.

That poor cop. What a weird job.

Pithy Jake. So what did Craig suffer from? Restless dick syndrome?

It makes me curious as to just how many members of the GOP are closet queens.

And sex in a bathroom? Yuck. Airplane bathrooms - while in air, that's o.k. Always an exception to the rule.

Fie on these lying hyprocrites. If you're a man who likes to suck cock, then you should be for gay marriage. Hell, you should be for just about anything but bush. Pun intended.

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