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Huckabee admits Republicans don't care about "regular" working people

Via TPM:



Damn - does he really mean it? That's the first I've seen a Republican snap at his corporate masters.

Yeah, I had to watch it twice myself to fully digest it. When Huckabee shed all that weight, maybe he shed his subservience to corporate America. Then again, what else could he say when confronted with that clip from the AFL-CIO debate the other night? Anything less would make him look less than human. As most of the current crop of Republican candidates are...

I heart Huckabees!

He's very courageous for saying that, and he's right. As the Republicans gleefully promote wealth concentration, it will only be a matter of time before there is a backlash.

Not that I would vote for the guy, but unfortunately, Huckabee's straighforwardness and honesty will prevent him from ever coming near the White House, except as an invited guest.

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