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Ignatius: Obama outflanking on foreign policy

David Ignatius on Barack Obama:

Obama is deftly managing to outflank his Democratic rivals on both the left and right on key foreign policy issues. That may be a piece of political opportunism on his part, but a top Obama adviser gives it a different spin, which may reveal the essence of the man: "He is totally pragmatic. He asks what would work and what wouldn't."

Here's hoping he wins the primary... He's been stumbling in the debates and on the trail a bit more than I 'd like, but I agree with most of his takes on foreign policy. Not so much with Clinton. And we don't need another Clinton. I'll take one, but we don't need one. Time for some real change.



What stumbles, Mike?

The Pakistan thing is precisely what Ignatius is talking about and one that I think is a winner. It neutralizes the "bleeding heart" charge from the right by saying he'll hunt Bin Laden (who, unlike Saddam, was actually responsible for the 9-11 attacks) no matter where he is.

Phil, I don't mean policy stumbles, I mean stumbling through responses in debates (his performance, up until the last one, hasn't been what I expected), and gaffes on the campaign trail like saying 10,000 people died in a tornado (Kansas?) that only 12 people died in.

I don't think his statement on Pakistan was a stumble - I think it was right on, and the attacks from the other Democratic candidates in response were embarrassing. His approach to foreign policy is the one I want - not the typical garbage we see from what Glenn Greenwald calls the "foreign policy community."

The corporate mass media has promoted the idea that Obama has been stumbling because he has broken from a mold that said media love to place Democrats in. That mold would be the one of the peacenik still high from Woodstock who couldn't possible perform the dirty work of Protecting America from Evil.

The Pakistan thing makes perfect sense, Derek. However, it may not play well to some in the Democratic base, so watch the party leadership use it as a reason to marginalize Obama and prmote the all-but-official nominee, Hillary.

The Pakistan thing does not play well with me. I think we've invaded enough countries for one decade, thank you very much.

Musharraf is barely keeping his shit together as it is. Way to rally the anti-secular opposition.

Ah, but he was very careful (and has since followed up to clarify) to say that he would go get Bin Laden wherever he was. That does not mean an invasion. Sadly, George W. Bush has us all thinking that full-scale invasion and occupation are our only military options, which is nonsense.

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