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Insult to Injury: Craig Could Have Walked

Instead of wasting his breath on declarations that he's not gay (the louder he yells, the less likely I am to believe him), Sen. Larry Craig should have just hired a lawyer and had the charges bounced. According to legal experts interviewed by Politico today, the cops had a pretty weak case against Craig and a "good lawyer" could have had them dismissed—if only he'd called one.

According to the article, Minnesota Statutes Section 609.72, Subdivision (3) says it is a crime for an individual to engage in conduct that "will tend to, alarm, anger or disturb others or provoke an assault or breach of the peace."

"There's a basis, but only a weak basis, for a disorderly conduct charge," said University of Minnesota law professor Dale Carpenter. "The things that Craig is alleged to have done might be bothersome or annoying, but not necessarily criminal."

But don't tell that to Tucker Carlson, who said that he'd once been "bothered" in a public mens room. The formerly bow-tied conservative baby face, who was in high school at the time of the incident, said he went back with a friend and "grabbed him, and ... hit him against the stall with his head, actually." What a tough guy. Went back and tag-teamed the dude...oh, wait.

Just remember, and this is important folks: He is NOT GAY.



He may not be gay but is bowtie sure is.

Tucker Carlson is an ignorant, fast talking monkey. Why they continue to let him have his own show is anyone's guess. His ratings are the lowest on MSNBC in the evening.

Since this came out, I've been predicting that Craig will resign by the end of September. There are rumours now that it might happen much sooner - possibly today, even.

Then Senator Craig will be free to seek male bathroom sex anywhere, anytime. Good luck, Senator!

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