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That's right - I'm part of the Dick Durbin online community!

Since I used the form Jake linked to for complaining to BP about their plan to dump additional poisons into Lake Michigan, I'm now part of the "Dick Durbin online community." And I didn't even know it! From an email I and the other 10,000+ people who used the form to send a message to BP received:

In just a few weeks, you and more than 10,000 other members of the Dick Durbin online community stood up for the Great Lakes by flooding BP's CEO with e-mails, urging him to stop plans to dump more toxic chemicals into Lake Michigan.

Clearly, BP heard your message.

On Thursday, CEO Bob Malone announced that BP was reversing its decision to increase dumping in Lake Michigan. This is a watershed moment for the Great Lakes and for all of us who have fought to protect and preserve Lake Michigan.

Thanks so much for helping to stop BP's plan to increase dumping in the Great Lakes!

Truth be told, when I first wrote you about BP's alarming plans, I never expected such a tremendous response. I've truly been overwhelmed by the response from you and 10,000 more people who share our concern for Lake Michigan.

Go Dick Durbin online community! Kegger at my place!

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