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The pampered fight to protect Nantucket from... wind energy?

Here's your Friday video fun. Daily Show correspondent Jason Jones does a brilliant piece on rich people (including the Kennedy's) fighting against a wind farm that might taint their Nantucket beach front views.

I'm a huge fan of the Daily Show, and it's always interesting to watch their correspondents evolve. I didn't think much of Jason Jones when he first started. Same with Rob Corddry. But Jones is now one of their best correspondents, and Corddry got so good he left the show (unfortunately...).



Great clip. I am so glad somebody is taking these shitheads to task. Preserving a view? Are you fucking kidding me? We're doling out millions a day on oil to state sponsors of terrorism and these people are complaining about their view being (slightly, oh so slightly) obscured?

I like Ted Kennedy but this is horseshit.

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