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Things get lost in Iraq

For whatever reason, things get lost in Iraq. Lots of things. Believe it or not, things like lawyers, guns, and money.

Most recently, The Government Accountability Office reported that the Department of Defense can't account for about 190,000 guns sent to Iraq. From a Boston Globe article:

The report from the Government Accountability Office indicates that US military officials do not know what happened to 30 percent of the weapons the United States distributed to Iraqi forces from 2004 through early this year as part of an effort to train and equip the troops.

I don't think that's good. Nor is this. Like so much else in the country, the Iraqi legal system has completely disintegrated since the U.S. invasion. This June 2006 Washington Post article quotes Cherif Bassiouni, president of the International Human Rights Law Institute, saying the criminal justice system is, well, read the quote:

The whole system has collapsed. This has become a lawless country. It's a little bit like the days of the Far West in America. In the early 1800s, you may occasionally have the sheriff who can get people to hand in their six-shooters at the entrance of the town, but basically it's a free-for-all.

That doesn't sound good, either. Nor does this. You'll probably remember this one from earlier this year. Under Paul Bremer, billions of dollars in cold, hard cash disappeared in Iraq. Billions and billions in cash. That is literally tons of money. During a congressional investigation in February of this year, Henry Waxman (D-CA) had this to say about it:

The numbers are so large that it doesn't seem possible that they're true. Who in their right mind would send 363 [tons] of cash into a war zone?

Who would do that? Paul Bremer would. Who put that guy in charge? He really made a mess of things over there.

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