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"You're going to look super in a burka!"

Remember that Cheney video from 1994 we posted last Sunday? It's been the talk of the town the past few days, and Chris Matthews took the topic up on Hardball this past Friday. This woman Melanie Morgan was on the show, along with Naomi Wolf and the ever present Craig Crawford. Matthews shows the AEI Cheney interview, and puts the question to Morgan: What is going on here? How do you explain this? Morgan didn't answer the question, but did spit up the usual Republican lies and platitudes - everything changed after 9/11, Saddam was tied to 9/11, etc., etc.

He asks Wolf for a response. Give it a read, and then see Morgan's less than insightful interjection:

Naomi Wolf: It gets back to what I was saying earlier about the nature of lying. Let's not forget that they got us into this war on the basis of a series of lies, lies to the U.N., lies about aluminum tubes, lies about the involvement of Iraq with 9/11, which Melanie just underscored again to befuddle the American people. Frank Rich showed that 53% of the American people think Iraq had everything to do with 9/11. They had nothing to do with 9/11, and this weaving out of lies was a pretext for an invasion that served their own political purposes. In the wake of the invasion, they were able to terrify the American people, subjugate the American people, drive through a series of laws that dismantled key checks and balances, allowed overreaching executive power, and completely eviscerated what the founders set in place, thus weakening America.

Melanie Morgan: Keep attacking, keep attacking Naomi, because you're going to look great in a burka. You're going to look super in a burka!

Sweet Jiminy Cricket. Whatever happened to dignity? Take a look at the whole clip below.

Update: Completed quoted excerpt from Naomi Wolf



I was watching this on my TiVo on Friday and laughed out loud when Morgan said that. It's pretty pathetic what conservatives have to stoop to these days in defense of this administration.

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