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A carbon tax, John Dingell, and a possible conversion

From a Sept. 5th New York Times piece - What Is John Dingell Really Up To?:

After the town hall meeting was over — and he had listened to a couple of hours of questions about timed traffic lights, nuclear power and the possibility of impeaching President Bush — Mr. Dingell sat down in a dark area behind the stage. I asked him whether Mr. Gore, who has been both a Dingell nemesis and ally at various times, had been right for all those years he was pointing out what was happening to the earth's climate.

"I think a cold statement on that point would be yes," Mr. Dingell replied.

And would it have been easier to solve the problem if we had started earlier?

"What's the saying? The saddest words in the English language — 'might have been.' "

This is from the town hall meeting I went to in Ann Arbor. I asked him about paying down the national debt. He talked about pay-go. He did have some good things to say - I left feeling more encouraged than I was walking in.

This upcoming Thursday, Dingell is introducing climate legislation that includes a carbon tax.

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