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Discount Nation - Everything Must Go

Love, Canadian Style
Growing up in Michigan—which, for those geographically challenged readers, is a border state with Canada—it was always fun to pick on our northerly neighbors and their cute, colorful play money. A Canadian dollar was worth maybe sixty cents here in the home of the brave, which made for great trips across the border to buy cheap socks and beer. Americans were known to burst into Canadian towns and throw their money around like it was so much confetti. Why not? We RULED.

Today, the American dollar ain't what it used to be. One greenback is now worth 0.9987 Canadian. With our unrelenting passion for all things cheap, we have finally realized Wal-Mart's dream of becoming a discount nation. But don't expect to walk out of the dollar store with as much shit as you can carry. A dollar doesn't buy what it used to.

UPDATE: U.S. dollar hits another record low against euro

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