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Fein: The time for a Bush impeachment trial is now

Bruce Fein, conservative constitutional scholar and ex-Reagan Justice official, says the time for impeachment is now:

Impeachment precedents fortified by the original intent of the Constitution's makers provide ample justification for a House judiciary committee impeachment inquiry targeting President Bush for—among other things—multiple criminal violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and frustration of legitimate congressional oversight with preposterous claims of executive privilege.

FISA makes it a federal felony for the president or vice president to "intentionally engage ... in electronic surveillance [to gather foreign intelligence or otherwise] under color of law except as authorized by statute."


If what Bush has said and done falls short of warranting an impeachment inquiry, then impeachment of the president has become a virtual dead letter.

Must keep Cheney in the picture, too. It's got to be a twofer.

We talked about Fein back in July and June.



Oddly enough, one of the bolsters of the impeach Bush party is John Dean - yes, John Dean, the bad boy of the Nixon administration who is now believed to be the head of the watergate fiasco.

So what i find amazing is how the bush party has made the nixon party look like pikers.

Can we actually believe that Bush is going to resign in disgrace? As Nixon did? And just for fun, let's say he did. Who would that leave us with? Hell, I'd take a another 4 years of Jerry Ford, if I could.

That's one of the things that's so interesting about the calls for impeachment - the voices on the right are just as loud as on the left, in many cases. At least when it comes to non-rabid Bush partisans.

And of course, they should really be thinking: Do we want (Clinton, Obama, etc.) to have these powers when they become president? If they don't, they better step up to the impeachment plate.

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