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Hitchens: Gore will get the Nobel

From a Christopher Hitchens piece - Run, Al, Run - in Slate today:

On Oct. 12, we shall hear again from Oslo, and I will be very surprised indeed if the peace prize is not awarded to Albert Gore Jr. (Don't ask what a campaign against global warming has done for "peace"; that would be like asking what Mother Teresa or Henry Kissinger had ever done to reduce global conflict. The impression is the main thing.)

If he wins, maybe he'll throw his hat in the ring for the presidency...?



That would be very interesting indeed. A lot of moderates who just couldn't bear the angst of voting for Hillary would jump for Gore. Methinks he learned a lot from his mistakes in 2000. Hell, now we know he has a personality and a fighting spirit.

That's what I'm thinking, too. Obama has been a tremendous fundraiser, but that hasn't translated to strong polling. Hilary's lead just keeps growing. If Gore throws his hat in, it would change everything. I would personally love to see him run and become president. As you know from reading my rants on this blog, my biggest concern is global warming. Gore would do something about it. I'm not sure Clinton would do enough.

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