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Obama garners most donations from military

According to a study by the non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, Barack Obama has picked up the most donations from military personnel so far. On either side of the aisle. And remember he's the one calling for a complete pull out of U.S. troops in Iraq by the end of 2008.

From an ABC News piece on the subject:

The center tallied money from donors who list the Air Force, Army, Marines, Navy and National Guard as an employer. Overall, these donations are miniscule: Obama got 44 contributions worth about $27,000 and Paul 23 for about $19,300. Republican John McCain, an Iraq war supporter and Vietnam prisoner of war, was third with about $18,500 from 32 donors.


The analysis also found that military personnel have shifted their donations. In 2002, the center said Democrats received 23% of contributions from military workers; Republicans got 77%. This year, 40% of their donations have gone to Democrats running for Congress and president. The GOP got 59%.

The donation patterns "would suggest that those who wear the uniform want change," said Joe Davis, spokesman for the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

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