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Obama speech today: get out of Iraq now

The Obama campaign has released excerpts from a speech he's giving today in Clinton, Iowa. Here's a representative passage:

"The President would have us believe there are two choices: keep all of our troops in Iraq or abandon these Iraqis. I reject this choice... It's time to form an international working group with the countries in the region, our European and Asian friends, and the United Nations.... We should up our share to at least $2 billion to support this effort; to expand access to social services for refugees in neighboring countries; and to ensure that Iraqis displaced inside their own country can find safe-haven. .... Iraqis must know that those who engage in mass violence will be brought to justice. We should lead in forming a commission at the U.N. to monitor and hold accountable perpetrators of war crimes within Iraq."

"I'm here today because it's not too late to come together as Americans. Because we're not going to be able to deal with the challenges that confront us until we end this war. What we can do is say that we will not be prisoners of uncertainty. That we reject the conventional thinking that led us into Iraq and that didn't ask hard questions until it was too late. What we can say is that we are ready for something new and something bold and something principled."

Finally, some sanity coming out of Washington. The President isn't the only one to blame for the disaster in Iraq, though he and his administration carry the lion's share. Senators Clinton, Dodd, Biden, and Edwards all voted to give Bush the unilateral power to invade Iraq. And they pretend they had no idea - no idea! - that Bush would act like a weasel and invade without provocation. Could they really have been that stupid? I have trouble believing that.

Via HuffPost.

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