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Oprah alert! Considering larger role in Obama bid

On Wednesday, the Washington Post published a piece about Oprah Winfrey taking a larger role in Barack Obama's presidential campaign. I read the piece yesterday, and by this morning, there's links to it all over the blogs and news sites I frequent.

A larger role by Oprah could be huge - a possible deciding factor in who gets the Democratic nomination. I've been saying that to friends for months, and I'm hoping she ends up playing a major role - campaigning, advocating for him on her show, in her magazine, and so on. She is the most prominent cultural influence wielder of modern times, and her fans respect her opinion immensely. And she thinks Obama has great potential to set this country right as president. On Saturday, she's hosting a political fundraiser for him - the first time she has ever done that. From the article:

If it wasn't clear to her loyalists how big a step it was for her to offer up this mansion for a fundraiser, she hammered that point in her chat with King.

"To offer it, you're right," Winfrey said, "it's no small thing for me. . . . I'm really not a political person. I believe that he offers a fresh opportunity of hope for America. So that's why I'm in it. I probably won't ever be in it again."

Remember that Oprah episode where she gave away cars to all the women in the audience? Even if you don't watch her show, you may have seen a clip on the Internets. At the end of the show, she's pointing at different people in the audience: "You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!" The audience goes absolutely crazy. I'm hoping we see the equivalent of "you get a great president! you get a great president! you get a great president!" from her, and it has the kind of influence her book club did. Yes, one is selling a product, the other is promoting a presidential candidate. But c'mon. It's Oprah!



Howard Stern is right, Oprah is the devil.

Whomever she supports won't get my vote.

That's reasonable.

Umm... I don't think that's reasonable. It's ok not to like Oprah, but I don't see why her support (or anyone's support) of one candidate or another would mean you wouldn't support them for that simple reason. It could be an influencing factor, but I wouldn't think it would be the only factor.

Scotty, why does Stern think Oprah is the devil, and why do you agree? Just curious...

Oprah is constantly using her show to push her brand of self help crap. The only difference between her and Dr Phil is their XY Chromosomes.

A good example is the air time she devoted to the "The Secret." My god. What a load of BS.

She is the modern media equivilent of a snake-oil salesman.

She's so annoying I throw-up in my mouth every time I hear her name.

Mike, I forgot to tag my comment with sarcasm.

OK, so you don't like Oprah. And there is a lot of garbage on her show - I don't disagree with that. But what about Obama? Are you an Obama supporter now, or have you not made up your mind one way or another yet? And if Oprah starting campaigning for him - she's already endorsed him - that would be a deciding factor for you? Again, I'm just curious... I'd like to hear more from you on that.

Phil... I'm an idiot. You know that... I can't understand sarcasm sometimes :-)

I will support Hillary over Osama. IMO he simply lacks the experience needed. If the primaries were held today (which isn't far off since Michigan moved theirs to December), I'd be voting for Edwards.

I think a Hillary-Obama ticket would be the best bet. Give the guy a chance to grow into the Statesman role and have a platform to run for Pres after Hillary's two terms are up.

Yeah, because experience trumps judgement. Just ask Dick Cheney!

I think that Oprah is extremely annoying in her push to get us to vote for Obama. To say she is advocating him because she personally knows him. Perhaps she should become personally aquainted with the other candidates before weilding her powers of endorsement.

To me, Obama seems not only inexperienced, but lacks intelligence and spark. When you watch Hillary Clinton speak, you know the woman has brains and charisma. Then you watch Obama speak and it's so stilted and the same ineffectual speech over and over again.

You can tell he totally lacks experience, and intelligence.

Sue, are we watching the same Barack Obama speak?

The fact is that, even with impressive audiences under his belt at every Iowa campaign stop, Oprah brought it to another level. I spoke with many undecideds who were drew to the Oprah factor, and then left leaning towards him after hearing him speak. This kind of goes entirely against the points that Sue makes and, judging by Clinton's diminishing returns in the polls, I'd say that she's the one coming across as ineffectual.
And when has Howard Stern ever been relevant in the political process? Hell, since giving the finger to fans and jumping over to Sirius for a bigger paycheck, is he even relevant period? The disdain of Oprah he barks about is fueled by pure ego and nothing more...

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