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Rick Rubin convinces Columbia to "go green"

Over at our parent site, Glorious Noise, our fearless leader Jake Brown pulls some choice excerpts from the New York Times Magazine profile of Rick Rubin. Rubin is now co-CEO of Columbia Records. Maybe he can save the music industry. Maybe not. I read the piece this weekend, too, and here's the bit I liked best:

In addition to his "never wearing a suit, never traveling, never going to an office" demands, Rubin also suggested (strongly) that Columbia become the first major record company to go green and abolish plastic jewel boxes for all its CDs. "They thought about it and agreed," Rubin said. "And that made me think they would listen to me. It was also a turning point in terms of how big my reach could be. In the past, I would not normally have access to that kind of sweeping change. At Columbia, I'm able to operate on a much larger scale."

To me, that's pretty huge. I don't know what kind of volume of CDs Columbia produces each year, but it must be substantial, and this will mean a lot less plastic consumed, which means a lot less petroleum wasted on jewel cases - packaging, basically - that is absolutely useless. You go, Rick Rubin! Every little bit counts.

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