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California is the model

As I blogged here recently, I've been devouring Joe Romm's book Hell and High Water. If you'll recall, I listed what Romm considers the top things we can do to reduce global warming. First and foremost, he says the rest of the country needs to mimic the energy efficiency programs that California has put in place over the past few decades.

He's right. The data is hard to argue with. Romm includes the graph below in his book, and I found a copy at a State of California web site on climate change:

Energy Consumption per Capital, CA vs US

California is a huge consumer of energy, and a major producer of greenhouse gases, but per capita, they're better than almost anywhere else in the country. Why? Because they recognize the value of good legislation and regulation to deal with societal issues that cannot be addressed by the "free hand" of the market (never have been, and never will).

Wherever you live, you should call on your local, state, and national representatives to put more energy efficiency laws on the books, and look to California as a model. It's the fastest and least costly way to begin addressing the human sources of global warming.

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