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Cheney and Obama Related?!?!?!

From the WTF file, Dick Cheney's wife claims the VP and Barrack Obama are related.

When MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell asked Cheney whether she thought America was ready for a woman president, she dropped this bomb:

One of the things I discovered was that Dick and Barack Obama are eighth cousins. Is that an amazing thing? If you go back eight generations, we have a common ancestor.

So, could this possibly be true or are the Cheney's being extra clever in their smear tactics?



I think this is highly plausible and even more unremarkable. You and I are probably just as closely related. If you think back to your great great great great great great great grandparents, and how many descendants each of them would have, that's a tremendous number of people who would be your 8th cousin or closer.

my website has a fascinating follow up on this story. really.


I agree with Alan on this. They're just being extra clever in their smear tactics, as you posit, Phil. Their evil knows no bounds! They're Republicans, after all...

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