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Did Al Qaeda cause San Francisco earthquake?

When I heard about the earthquake out in San Francisco this morning, the first thing I thought was "What role did Al Qaeda play in triggering the earthquake?" In their coverage of the SoCal wildfires, our good friends at Fox News were the only ones with the guts to point out who the real villain of the story was: Al Qaeda.

It may not be the bombing of the Coit Tower that Bill O'Reilly hoped for, but it's still certainly a blow for those leftist, gay tolerating freaks out on the West coast. And all thanks to Al Qaeda.

Seriously, what makes you think those islamofascist bastards aren't capable of triggering earthquakes and other natural catastrophes? You America-hating freaks! Get with the program.



I don't know if AQ had anything to do with the quake, but I hear that the seizmographs produced images that looked like unborn fetuses...

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